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This questionaire is to actually see what people think about the ones… - X+Dead Inside+X [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Feb. 11th, 2005|12:51 am]
[mood |boredbored]
[music |Madonna - Like a Virgin]

This questionaire is to actually see what people think about the ones they believe are close to them, so filll it out and pass it on to those who you love:

1) Name 10 close friends of your's and describe what the mean to you:

A- Soooooooz - God how many years has it been now!!! like 5? SO many fucking great times we've had ...beeing drunken...getting pierced n tattooed together n remember that bit of ur arm is still mine!! love you forever never never change who you are cus then you woodnt be my lil sooz ...i love you jus the way you are and i always will <3 xXx

B- Lynz - Without you i woodnt be here ! your what keeps me going i love you so fucking much its unbelievable...your like me in so many ways!! we've even got the same b-day!.....its like i found my soulmate...in an non sexual way hahaha! dunt ever wanna be with out you EVER you've helpped me throo so many hard times...you cheer me up when im down and of course you let me draw your beard for you so i dunt feel stoopid!!Your still my number one biatch!

C- Mari - We've been throo so much 2gether ....your the person i go to when i wanna do absolutly nuffin n still have a fucking great time!.....I love you so much you can ALWAYS cheer me up no matter what mood im in!....i can talk to you bout anything and you'll kno exactally what i mean! oh yeah n you look damn sexy in ur pokemon t-shirt!..heehee...cant wait till we EVENTUALLY get our flat....OOo n' who sai u was gonna get to do the livin room =P love you always....

D- Kimi - Fuck man ive known you for like 3 years or sumffin n' i still fancy you as much as i did the first time i spoke to you!! you'll always be my girl no matter how many guys try n steal you =p Had sum amazing times wi you Most recently painting bits o my room wi our hands! =D Ill always love you and of course ill always fancy you !

E- Chelz - I kno ive not known you for that long really ....but i love you just as much if not more!!...i love going visiting you and looking at all ur eric pics....I like to make sure ur warm!! n i kno it may seem motherly but it jus means i care =P....we've had sum funny times ! and ill never forget them ..wish i could see you more tho =(...Love you always and forever hunni!

F- Stu - Hahahaha how much fun have we had over the year !? from the days of beeing straight ,taking poppers n puttin condoms over your head! to now ....sitting in the pub and beeing like kinda grown up n gay =P ill never forget all the fun we had cus its been sum o the best time sof my life ..and yes ill still fuck you when we're 31! Love ya Stu !

G- Kaylei - Yo ma bird!! ouch i lurrrve you!!! heehee your so much fun to be around n i love dancing with you in the pub...even if u dunt remember! and i think im the only one who thinks its fun to help you up the roads in ur boots! wish you lived nearer me tho cus then id get to see you more....ill cum visit soon tho promise!

H- Selks - Your like the male version of me dude! i think you kno me better than anyone!!! i love you so much ! and when we are 41 you WILL be my husband! no doubt about it !We NEED to have a beer , Porn and cake night again cus they rawk!! miss you selksy =(

I- Nessie (Vanessa) - OMG ive like known ya for bout 15 years!!! we lost contact for ages but when i saw ya at that party i knew who you were straight away! I love you so much ..we were SO meant to be together baby! n dunt you kno it ! I look forward to my weekends cus i kno im gonna see you!..i hope we never loose conntact like that again! EVER!

J- Chicky - Ive not known you for long either but out of ALL my mates i feel most comfortable talking to you! i love our wee walks in the station ...which we aint dun for a while =p....you cheer me up n ..i kno this sounds sad but ya make me a more confident person ...=/...ive had some of my most serious talks and some of my funniest talks with you...and i kno you'll always tell me th truth which i love n respect ....thanks for everything!

All those people that werent mentioned in this you know i still love you all very very much ! but im only allowed 10 =/... <3

2) Are you in a relationship?

Nope ...

3) Have you ever hated someone so much, you've wanted to kill them?

Yes Mi'CHER Mwahahahahahaha

4) name 2 people you would like to get to know better and why?

Jo-I thnk your a great person n ur a good laugh but i never really get the chance to speak to you ..its always to loud ..or we're both 2 drunk hahaha

Greg-we kno each other fairly well but we never get a chance to chat really =/..altho we did have a good talk in the pub on sat ! you seem like a cool guy n i wanna talk to ya bout cool things *nodz*

5) Do you like the person that sent this to you?

Yasss Soooz is da Biatch !<3

[User Picture]From: lynsey90
2005-02-11 12:14 pm (UTC)
Aww my wee soul mate i love u so much <333
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From: (Anonymous)
2005-02-11 12:44 pm (UTC)


Hey alana tiz kimi aww hunni thats so nice still cant believe how long we have known each other you know i love yi tae bitz to babe (*_*) hehe Twas fun painting your room lol, Love you xx
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[User Picture]From: x_goth_chick_x
2005-02-11 07:54 pm (UTC)


=) Yo Mofo! heehee didnt kno u knew what my livejournal was ?

love you *mwah* xXx
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From: dreamxthisxaway
2005-02-12 02:45 pm (UTC)
aweee alana bannana! :D

thats well nice of you ^_^
love youu
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